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Motorbike Services


Berklee Exhaust & Automotive has a full range of motorbikes and ATV’s starting at 70cc through to 1100cc. We have ATV’s, UTV’s to suit children right through to those more serious looking for a 1100cc. Our ATV’s are very popular with farmers looking to travel the land with ease.

We stock bikes of all sizes and models from a range of specialty suppliers including Crossfire Motorcycles/ATV’s and SYM Scooters. Contact us today to find out more about our range.

Mechanical Repairs

Our mechanical workshop team have a wide range of skills. They not only specialise in motor vehicle repair/servicing but also motorbike and scooter servicing and repairs and exhausts.

Contact us today for all your motorcycle repair needs.

Spare Parts

At Berklee Exhaust & Automotive we get swamped with enquires for spare parts for all makes of Chinese motorbikes. Too often we see customers disappointed as they think they have grabbed a bargain but cannot source parts for their imported motorbikes. 

We have spare parts for all our motorbikes as well as spare plastics and are able to service the bikes/scooters. To enquire about our range of parts and services contact us today.

Ordering and Delivery

Contact us to purchase any items from our extensive product range. Freight will be organised depending on your location. We aim to get the best deal and service on freight and can organise delivery of goods safely to your door. Freight charges will be passed on and can be discussed upon enquiry.

After-Sales Service

We pride ourselves on the after-sales service we provide. We aim to look after your motorbike in between services. If there is a problem as small as a light globe blowing, we can change it on the spot – just call in.

We have an extensive range of spare parts for all our motorbikes and scooters. We can guarantee we are able to assist you.

We aim to source the best quality products at the best possible price, and pass on these benefits to our customers. Contact us to find out more about our after-sales services.

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